It just dropped on my mind in the wee hours of this morning, while still in bed. In something akin to a dream, I heard the clanking of a metal rod against a truck by a truck pusher. And some thoughts around the business of the barrow pusher immediately came to mind.

You can’t say Truck pushers, who normally help dispose waste in the neighborhood or help carry your loads in the market are not hardworking. They are! In fact, they are courageous too. 

What dropped on my mind was that truck pusher earns only and linearly on his effort. Except, he has other barrows working for him. It did not take long for me to extrapolate the scenario and see that a typical employee is subject to a similar equation as that. Same, goes for a barber and a maize farmer.

A maize farmer ,even, is slightly better. He puts a grain of maize into the soil as seed and reaps some couple of cobs per plant. But that’s the end of that plant, as far as yield is concerned.

Yet, a maize farmer still pales in comparison to a cocoa farmer. In that while the plant bears harvest for the maize farmer once. A cocoa farmer has the opportunity to reap over and over from each tree. In fact, the yield from his plantation could benefit not only him, but his generations to come.

However, it takes much more patience and discipline to nurture the cocoa than the maize. Great, enduring things take time – patient endurance, faith – to build. 

So – Are you a barrow pusher, maize farmer or cocoa farmer?